Jindřich Pergler

ASP.NET Core Specialist
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What I Do

I am developer of business web applications currently offering my services in Prague.

Web Application Development

My specialization is web application development on ASP.NET platform. Common tools and technologies I use are the latest ASP.NET Core, .NET Core, .NET Standard, DotVVM, Azure, SQL Server, Entity Framework, etc. I've been working as a member of a team of tens of developers as well as on solo projects.

Application Architecture

Structure of solution is as important as the code itself, the more the bigger the project. I have experience with planning of the architecture as well as with technical refactoring which can be used to enhance the overall structure of project and keep the code manageable in time.

Development Tools Configuration

I commonly work with Microsoft VSTS tools from Git repos to Build and Release Management, NuGet publishing, management of build agents. I have also experience with setup and integration of Atlassian cloud tools like JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Bamboo.

Efficiency of Development Process

I like clean code and effective approach to software development and delivery as well as getting to know the used technologies well so they are used properly. I like making support for development team with great deal of automation in the development process.


.NET 5 + NET Core 3.1
C# 8.0
Adobe XD
Entity Framework Core
Microsoft Azure
Azure DevOps Work Items
Azure DevOps Builds
Azure DevOps Releases
Windows Server 2012+
Office 365
Affinity Photo
Affinity Designer
Affinity Publisher
Microsoft Office

Projects and Experience

OWIN Authentication System

Implementation of authentication system based on Identity Server framework at Asp.NET Core stack. Authentication solution provides single identity source to multiple applications.

Identity Server 4 framework ASP.NET Core 2.2 .NET Core 2.2 DotVVM HTML 5 CSS 3 VSTS Build Management VSTS Release Management NuGet Package Management Git

Build and Release Management Automation

Simplifying and automating build and development processes with DevOps tools for a team of developers in a project for a British theatre ticket seller.

VSTS Build Management VSTS Release Management NuGet Package Management Build Agent Management Powershell Git Slack

Frontend layer of a microservice-based product

Implementation of a frontend SPA application which consumes API of a microservice-based backend swarm. Cooperating with backend team on build and release management.

React Typescript SASS CSS 3 HTML 5 Parcel.js VSTS Build Management VSTS Release Management ASP.NET Core 2.0 .NET Core 2.0 Docker Azure AD

Car Sell Tracking Web Application

Implementation of a web application for tracking of selled cars and information related to delivery and transport for a Czech car importer.

ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET Web API Azure Blob Storage MS SQL Entity Framework LINQ HTML CSS Angular.js Syncfusion ASP.NET MVC Syncfusion DocIO NUnit Git JIRA MailChimp

Desktop Application and Web Service

Delivering of desktop application together with web service for a Czech branch of international mobile network carrier company.

ASP.NET Web API MS SQL Entity Framework WPF LINQ Git JIRA Bamboo Confluence Continuous Integration Slack Team Leading

Web-based B2B Application

Member of international team working on web-based B2B system for world-established German company which offers product for gardening and forrest industry.

ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET Web API MS SQL Entity Framework LINQ HTML CSS jQuery Knockout.js Ext.NET TFS TeamCity MSpecs

Web-based Data Visualisation

Member of team working on web-based visualisation application for well-established German company offering products and services in MES industry.

ASP.NET MVC WCF Javascript jQuery Knockout.js Require.js Durandal.js SignalR HTML CSS KendoUI Subversion

Survey Evaluation Application

Internal web-based tool for evaluating and exporting data from survey forms which offers calculated data as Excel sheets.

ASP.NET MVC Entity Framework ClosedXML LINQ HTML CSS jQuery


I like web applications

My name is Jindřich Pergler and I have been working with various web projects for more than 15 years. I like making the applications with great usability for end users and solving the real life uses with appropriate user interface. I like to get to know the domain of the customer and make solution based on their needs.

I also like photography

I also like taking photos of various genres, you can see some of my pictures at this dedicated gallery web.

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Jindřich Pergler

ASP.NET Core Specialist
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